Anchoring In Our Purpose

God is not known around here for doing things quickly. He said “soon” to me once… fifteen years ago! He is known for doing things thoroughly. A job isn’t done until every little part is turned over and examined for faults, cracks, flaws and anything found which doesn’t let the Son shine through, is dealt with properly, until you can’t see the welds, the mends, the fixed up spots… It all looks better than new. I often forget there was anything wrong in the first place, which is a blessed relief in a lot of cases! …where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory,

One Puzzle Piece Doesn't Make A Picture

Have you ever attempted to explain what you are doing to people and when it comes out of your mouth it sounds small? Less than small? When you list the things you are currently “doing”, what you say kinda trails off and you know it’s not the sum total of what’s really going on, but there’s no way to explain it…? As humans we put such stock on what we do, what we achieve, accomplishments we list behind our names, things we think our friends and parents can boast about, “stuff” we can be proud of. In about six months’ time, I will turn 40. None of the things I assumed would happen for me when I was small have happened in my lifetime so far. I don’t have any pieces of paper, no letters behind m

Your Breakthrough Is My Breakthrough Is Our Breakthrough...

How did I get to this place of Peace anyhow? It was both simple and required work at the same time. You remember the story about the rich young ruler in the NT who comes to Jesus, asks what he must do to be saved and Jesus replies ‘give up your wealth, your lifestyle, give all your money to the poor and follow me.’ (Matthew 19:16-30 Anita paraphrase) Yeah well. I didn’t have any wealth to give up, only garbage, but after Jesus gave me a good scrub- which was the easy part- I still had to learn how to hold the ground and this was where the work came into it. Anything worth pursuing requires effort. It is no different when it comes to our relationship with Jesus. We know about reading the Bibl

We're Still Ok When We're Not Ok: The Power Of Peace

Still being ok even when I’m not ok is a new experience in my life. It’s not particularly brand spanking new, it is a lesson I have been learning over several years, but it is one of the more foundational, or more life stabilising ones…if that makes sense! Being human means we have stuff to deal with. Even after we find Jesus, the junk doesn’t always miraculously go away. Sometimes it does, or a portion of it does, the simple encounter with the Risen Christ can deal with a lot of our garbage and a lot of the opposition we get from the enemy. This is the reason Jesus came, after all! However, some of the healing we do is a journey. On top of this is life in all its mess and glory! Being in an

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