God Plus Normal Equals Something Spectacular

I’d love to tell you I have some kind of trumpet-fare existence, the source of these weekly posts comes from the journals of a well-travelled, well-seasoned person who has impressive and mind-blowing interactions with the world and the people who live on it. Totes not… I am sitting here typing in my pyjamas, (which I bought online from Target) drinking my salted, buttered coffee at a desk which needs a right good clean! I have lived in a series of rural towns, including this one, in a state whose total population just squeaks over half a million people. I’ve been here all my life, except for a few forays internationally, which were done quite yokel-ly, with no touring. Compared to a lot of p

Moving To Peace One Step At A Time

There are two kinds of ‘taking yourself seriously’. I got caught in the trap of the first kind for many years. I am a little bit little. At 5 foot 3 inches (on a good day) with dark curly hair and a complexion which is olive around the edges, I am the human equivalent of a Hobbit. I used to be a lot rounder than I am now too, which only added to the allusion…! I also have a left-of-centre sense of humour and rather a bizarre taste in, well, everything. While all of this means although I can command a spot in the centre of a group (I can make people look at me, and make them laugh), in the past I have not often been given space which holds any weight or significance, despite the high levels

Walking Deliberately With God Through Transformation

One of the perceptions of Christianity which floats around out there is the “religion for old people and a crutch for the feeble minded”. I don’t come across it as much as I used to, unfortunately it’s more likely to be because people dismiss Christianity completely rather than peoples’ perception having been changed. In reality, the only place in the body of Christ where it is possible to behave as if Christianity is a crutch is if we cross the line into salvation but from then on refuse to take anything of who Jesus is and was seriously. Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save the

Living On The Edge Of Change (Don't Miss The Forest For The Trees)

Have you ever spent a long time working in agreement with God for something which seems to always just be around the corner, or just over the edge, or so close you can smell it…but never quite happening? I used the word “working” for a reason. I’m talking about being actively involved in pursuing things with God. Doing our part in the things He is bringing about in our lives. Participating in the process of healing, participating in the process of social activity, pursuing the process of relationship with Him, seeking His face and actively taking the steps He has set out for us to take. Not just believing in Him, in His Goodness and praying, but pursuing His Goodness, following His blueprint

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