An Unexpected Solution To A Long-Term Problem

Has anybody ever said something and you’ve gone “Oh yeah, nah-der!” because what they’ve said has turned a great big light bulb on in your head and suddenly explained everything you’ve been dealing with about an issue you didn’t realise you had? Like the lotto people have shown up on your doorstep, with a marching band, a parade, baton twirlers and a cheque for a million dollars in your name (no conditions, tax-free) but you DIDN’T BUY A TICKET. EVER. I was sitting in a prayer meeting several weeks ago, and this happened: (Not the lotto…) People were talking, praying, dealing with things, writing stuff down about things which had nothing to do with anything going on in the room, and somewher

Sneaky Fear: Trap Or Opportunity?

Several years ago, Jesus delivered me from a bunch of fear. All the nasty, horrible kind. The stuff in the shadows and the dark, being afraid of my reputation, of people’s reactions, my past; all the hooks and rights of access the enemy had which allowed fear to maintain control over my actions and my emotions. Having gotten rid of all the overwhelming fear however, there is another kind of fear which I have to deal with, a sneaky kind, which disguises itself as prudence, love, Righteous living, the Awe of God… ​​It is the one which seeks to lie alongside things which are right to do and usurp our relationship with Jesus by subtly changing it from a relationship of pure trust, love and freed

How To Increase Kingdom Effectiveness With No Burn-Out

What do we have to give? We know we are to serve the world, however we often try to do this- to serve our communities, even our families, from the resources we have inside ourselves, and it is never enough. We are in danger of closing off from the world Jesus wants us to serve. Of closing off from our own call, because we are not equipped and are not taught how to access the fullness of the resource that our relationship with Jesus is. There is a phrase which floats around; it is the phrase “work/life balance”. It is very sensible; reminding us to look at our lives and check to see we are not placing too much emphasis on one area and creating stress (and eventually literal sickness) in the o

Isaiah 58: What Is A Fasted Lifestyle

Have you ever heard about a fasted lifestyle? We mostly associate fasting with the laying aside of food. We think of it in regards to a period of sacrifice and denial of the body in some form, applying our will to putting aside some luxury or perceived necessity for a period in order to focus specifically on prayer and intercession. In part, that’s what fasting is. However, for those of us who walk The Narrow Way there should be a lot more going on with fasting than a periodic denial of food or luxury. No matter where we live, or the kind of Christian denomination we identify with, a fasted lifestyle is something we all should understand and live. It is right, true and necessary to follow th

Jesus: A Truth More Solid Than Feelings & Circumstances.

Emotions are not the sum total of who we are. They may be an indicator of part of our health, and God made them for a very good reason. Emotions connect us to each other, they help us to remain human and relate to one another through compassion and mercy, live alongside each other fairly with the sense of justice, to understand consequence and provide reasons to manage our own behaviour because of our interconnectedness with others. However, if we are only taking our emotions into account, they do not indicate the absolute truth of who we are, or our position in the Kingdom of God. Did you realise a large part of our emotional and mental stability is dependent on the health of our gut flora?

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