Ordinary Everyday Glorious Jesus

Did you ever stop to think about how much God loves ordinary life? Why make it unless you love it? It’s messy. He knew before He made it that He was going to have to do something to redeem it, but He made it anyway. Those of us who walk the Narrow Way, what we get to do, is to bring the all-surpassing Glory that’s within us, this Glorious Jesus to every last square centimetre of creation. We do this best by being exactly who He made us to be, exactly where He made us to be it... How crazy! To be able to trust that the God Who Made All Things, loves Ordinary Life. Loves all of life, all the ordinary every-day, all the amazing detail we live with. ​​ Nothing is too small for Him to want to be

Women! Stop Asking Permission. Jesus Has Already Given It.

Have you ever had something happen, where you thought you knew the answer, but it turned out Gods’ answer looks completely different to your solution? Typically for me it’s when He decides that I need to embrace His freedom in a more complete way, or deal with my attitude, because the way I see things is where the issue lies, not where I consider the origin of the problem to be. I have an issue with freedom for women within the church and the world. There is not enough of it. Everywhere we turn, there is a block, a subtle turning away, the glass ceiling, the ‘right and proper order’, even violence, deliberate suppression, repression and holding down. It is one of the things which is incendia

Sanity Or Insanity? Praying Dangerous Prayers.

I am aware that I am insane. I am a freak, I have no off-switch, a one track mind, I am completely nuts and unable to compromise. Everything I do is about one thing, even when I look like I’m doing something “normal”, it’s not. There is no normal in my life; so it shouldn’t surprise me when I’m driving along the road and something which sounds insane even to me comes out of my mouth… “Father, I’m ready to make my next lot of Mistakes.” I have no idea why these things come out of my mouth. Why would I pray that? Why do I set myself up like this? Can anyone tell me why I persist in the insane lifestyle of zealous pursuit of all of God? I am at a loss, but I will not take it back. I know what I

Why Living From The Centre Of Our Relationship With Jesus Is So Important

There is a specific thing that God considers important. I know you know what it is, it’s about loving God first and having everything else come from that place. It’s hammered into us but it’s the thing that is also the easiest to lose in the everyday. This week, if you turn up at my house, you’re going to find that I’ve done the vacuuming and the kitchen is relatively tidy. There’s a big pile of folded clothes in the loungeroom ready to be put away, I am ahead on the task list that I have to do for other people, and with no small amount of relief, I have begun Christmas for the nieces and nephews. What I have struggled with is doing the one thing I am supposed to be doing. The task on God’s

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