The Narrow Way (Pt. 2)

One of the things people often talk about is purpose, finding it, following it, having one or some. Humanity feels settled when there is a sense of purpose, we feel like we fit, there is reason, order, flow. If we understand the ‘why’ we will endure a lot of things along the way. All people want to have purpose, it is part of our developmental fulfilment. Life on The Narrow Way goes beyond purpose, because the good way, the Narrow Way often defies what we understand as purpose. When we choose to follow Jesus, we choose to follow God Who Sees Beyond Our Ability To See. He is outside of all the structures we know and understand. This gives us a scope for living which was not available to us be

The Narrow Way (Pt. 1)

Have you ever thought about the difference between safe and good? How sometimes the good thing feels unsafe, but is better than the safe thing which feels good…especially in the long run? Did that screw with your brain? Sorry; not sorry. It’s the way I believe life should be lived. Not the “Good Life” that we’re fed in cola commercials, but the good life, the not-safe-life. “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7: 13-14 (NIV) The Narrow Way is the life that Jesus lived. If you look carefully, there was nothin

Facing Change With Courage

Have you ever had to stare your dreams in the face? Have you ever had to make a decision that will change life the way it has always been, and even though you have been dreaming it, desiring it; telling God how much you want it and He’d better make it happen soon. However, when it comes; suddenly you’re not so sure about it anymore? When you get a chance to step into your future, isn’t it supposed to be amazing, exhilarating, fantabulous, star-jumps and dancing? Yes. But right at this moment I don’t think so. I’m sitting here in my office on the edge of watching one of my own dreams unfold and I’m freaking right out! Turns out when it comes to change, even if the change of circumstance is so

Honouring Our Fathers & Mothers

All kinds of spring things are going on here in Australia at the moment. During daylight hours, it’s all about the ‘fight of the sparrows’; which sounds vaguely like a movement from a classical music piece, but is actually just a bunch of squeaking and squawking outside my windows and doors. There is a young raven whose territorial check-points include a stopover in the yard behind mine, and he flew over with a girl-friend a few weeks ago, so they will be nesting somewhere in the neighbourhood right now. Yes, it’s quite rural here. The garden is pushing it’s spring growth quickly now, even though the temperature isn’t what I would call great, but then, I do tend to be genetically lizard-like

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