First; Locate God...

Actually, I really recommend getting a cup of tea first, or coffee. And maybe a biscuit, if you’re into biscuits. I am, but my kitchen is dreadful, so I don’t bake often. Booo! Have you ever wondered where Jesus actually is? I mean in relation to you? I write a bit about Practicing the Presence of God, and the first step really in order to do that, is to work out where God is. I mean, apart from working out if you want to Practice the Presence of God or even actually finding out what the Practice of the Presence of God is… (der Anita) Maybe I should back up a bit and start from the actual beginning. So, Practicing the Presence of God is about practising being in the Presence of God all the t

Picking Fights & Playing Nice

I tried to dig up on the interwebs, the advert from Australian TV that starts: “Ink. Just a mark on paper, but still the best way to put your name to a cause...” or however it actually goes, with the green hand and lots of animals? It’s Wild Animal Encounters Foundation (& Taronga Zoo) in case you’re interested. The reason I mention it is because of the last paragraph of the ad. “Our cause is the wild.¹" In their little advertising space, they’ve managed to lead into and explain their entire premise for existing as a foundation, and invite a response from their audience by calling us out to our best and highest selves as caretakers of the planet. “one species must lead us there...ours.²" Des

Sucker Punch

My friend Graham Cooke (who doesn’t know he is my friend, but I really like his accent and the stuff he says makes sense so I’ve totally adopted him) says in “A Way In The Wilderness” teaching series that if you can teach about an experience that you're currently going through, then you're not really engaged in the process properly. It has to do with being wholly given over, wholly surrendered to the things that God wants to teach you personally, and allowing space for the internal work to happen uninterrupted. When you teach, you're externalizing the experience, which means the lessons you're supposed to learn don't become part of you, they remain theories. It seems that God likes us to rea

The Unknown God

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about the practice of the Presence of God. Or about Practicing the Presence of God, or practicing being in the Presence of God, whichever statement makes most sense to you! One of the things we humans do really well is organise things into neat little boxes. Well, actually, most of the time, my boxes aren’t actually all that neat, they tend to spill into one another! We have a tendency to like to compartmentalise our lives, and I have noticed that collectively, in the west, we are often more integrated about our eating and exercise regimes than we are about the things that we declare are our core beliefs. At the end of all things I personally would prefer

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