I want to invite you into something. Two weeks ago, before I had my hospital holiday for what turned out to be not appendicitis – Thank you Jesus! I was writing this post about miracles. My experiences of the last two weeks have made it a little more poignant, and I’m quite eager to share it with you all now! It’s an opportunity I want to invite you to take a pause and quite specifically reflect on your own journey so far, no matter whether you consider yourself to be on The Narrow Way or not. In the last month or so, I have spent time with people who have had different miraculous things happen in their lives. But they are not necessarily huge big things that come with lights and sirens or m

How To Soar

Well, this is awkward. Not being a literal bird, I can’t actually tell you. I’ve spent a lot of time watching birds, there are twitchers in my family, and hours upon hours of David Attenborough documentaries though. Do those things stand up as a qualification! In recent weeks I have come across no less than 18 Wedge-Tailed Eagles in my travels. They are classified as Golden Eagles just in case anyone needs to know. Prophetically, Golden Eagles are a thing. Scientifically, more eagles may of course mean that our statewide population of Tasmanian Devils has not yet recovered, because they feed from similar sources. Unfortunately, bad news for one endangered species, may have meant good news fo

Hallmark Me

Going for a walk this last Saturday with my sister, I managed to walk off a beach with an arm and several pockets full of rocks, after a walk on a beach in a place that was significant for us during our childhood. It was deliberate, it was deliberate! I attended a womens’ retreat this last weekend, which was an amazing time of being able to examine with God where we were at, where things in the way, what did He want us to do with those things, how did He want us to view them, what did we need to pray, change, approach differently, be mindful of etc, as we went about our daily lives. As I was walking through my journey of the weekend, Father prompted me to look at Psalm 61. Hear my cry, O God

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