Inhabiting The Process Of Change

I had a beautiful big black moth in my house a little while ago. I thought it was gorgeous, so velvety and soft looking, it had the big eyes on its wings and it was lovely. I took a photo and when the flash went off, the colour of those eyes wasn’t black like I thought, but a beautiful deep and brilliant blue. It was a real shock, and a moment of pure excitement to discover something that was already fascinating, had a hidden treasure that I would not have seen without determining to discover more about it. The moth probably doesn’t have any idea about the way the scales on its wings reflect light in such different ways. If anything it was probably irritated by my getting in its face with th

Virtues: Vulnerability & Surrender

When I have the privilege of receiving prayer, I always count it a blessing. Time for God to do more things using other people as reinforcement and encouragement; Thank you Jesus! I sit and wait for the fulfillment of each part of the prayers, asking Father what it is that He wants me to learn, know, understand, actively work on and or say about each thing. This last time, I got home and we had a minor emergency which did not cost a minor sum of money. So walking through the last few weeks had some added extras that I didn’t anticipate, which disjointed my process of actually processing the prayers a little. It didn’t disjoint the process for God however, isn’t it funny how sometimes the une

Warp & Weft

I am a very tactile person. Texture, taste, smell, as well as looking to see and listening to hear. I’ll often touch the walls of buildings I’m walking past to match what they look like with what they feel like, and I love the smell of books. My body runs quite cold, with a 35.5C average temperature, but I’m a shoes off person, I need to feel the floor under my feet, which doesn’t help with keeping warm really… I really love pattern and richness as well. Which I think is part of the reason I love textiles so much. The colour! The patterns! The smell! The textures! Excuse me while I go drool over my quilting stash for a while… Did you learn about the makeup of fabric, and the way that it is m

Greater Than How?

I was sitting in a Sunday night house gathering on a Sunday night (der) with some of my favourite people. Favourite both because I like them and also because they are people who are after the same things I am after. God being able to be all of who God is, no matter what that looks like in their families, their communities, their own lives. I was reflecting with a friend as people broke into small groups to pray together that I wished I could have seen what the early church gatherings really looked like; how they really functioned. I often mull over the things we might have lost or gained down the years, time having travelled so far from the first hand experiences of the original Apostles. Ac

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