Choosing Strength

Do you have an anthem? A song that no matter what is happening: good, bad, great, horrible, terrible, fantastic, amazing, spectacular, the Pit of Despair (cough cough) [gratuitous Princess Bride reference…] It is guaranteed to lift your mood, give you strength, make you dance, have you hollering out the words - even if you don’t know them all. Most people I know report that it takes a combination of lyrics and music that hit you in the “feels” to make a really good anthem song. I have one, which might seem like a bizarre choice, until you look at the words. I’ve said how much I like Latin before, right…? It’s the whole of Mozarts’ Requiem. Here is the English translation. It’s not as busy a

Simply Does It

A well stacked wood pile in a dry shed. Long green grass under blue sky with fluffy white scudding clouds. A slow walk on the rail trail with the dog. A gruff v8 engine in a sleek ute. ATVs. Teeny tiny flowers in the grass. Super fresh eggs. Really Old Trees. Watching the sea for hours. The smell of rain on a hot road. French Earl Grey Tea. Beautiful fabrics and papers. Nail Polish. Beetles and bugs. Feathers. A really good HB pencil… What are your favourite simple things? Humanity wrestles with significance. We need to know that we are loved, it is vital to our health and well-being as individuals. As a species we live with the paradox of both aggrandising and significantly underplaying our

Single Minded Pursuit

Have you ever felt scattered? As if there is too much on your plate to manage, or it’s too hard to keep your eye on the ball when you’re trying to keep too many balls in the air, or there are not enough fingers for too many pies? Any of those sayings that we trot out to try and explain that we’re very busy and feeling overwhelmed. Maybe even not so busy, but still feeling overwhelmed. Or in a super long holding period that doesn’t seem to have an end. Even learning a new skill, or re-learning an old one. If/when our brains and our heart get separated from the Spirit of God within us, all kinds of feelings can rise that create a mist in front of the reality of the Presence of God, and the tru

You Are A Hidden Treasure, Treasure.

I have a picture for you this week. I asked Papi what to write about (as usual) and so, here goes. Have you ever thought about where you are in relation to God? As in, imagined or looked where you are when talking to Father, Son or Holy Spirit? Do you ever have ideas or pictures of places or an understanding of where you meet, or what you are doing together? I often do. Mostly it’s related to what I’m doing in the moment, but at other times it’s different. The one I want to share today though is a fascinating picture I often have about how near it is possible to get to God, and how safe it is being there. Often I have a picture of God sitting up on an enormous chair-thing somewhere in the mi

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