Heritage & Legacy

It’s October, and here in Anita Land, that means milestones. As a child in my family I grew up with the works of Tolkien, Lewis and any other writers we could get our hands on. I am currently re-reading Alan Marshall, who is a Great Australian storyteller. If you ever come across it, ‘Whispering in the Wind’ is an amazing piece of work, brilliantly spun, funny, engaging and uplifting. It would make a great bedtime/classroom serial or just a piece of great literature to have and enjoy. We had access to a wealth of talent in our formative years, right across the educational spectrum, animal, vegetable, mineral, mathematical, literary. Some might call it a glut… It was accepted as everyday info

Permission To Be

There’s a nice little rain falling outside my window this morning. I like rain. Summer or Winter it always brings a feeling of relief, no matter what I was planning or hoping to do at the time. Having grown up on a farm, rain relieved tension, so it is built into me now. Having bought a house in the (supposed) ‘burbs, I still watch the forecast for rain, because that’s another week that I don’t have to pay "the man" for water to keep my fledgling garden alive! Water is an invaluable resource. It can be the one thing that can make or break a season for producers, which then flows on down to consumers – remember the Great Australian Banana Crisis? That makes it sound like a comic tragedy, but

Prophetic 2x4s

Do you remember your prophetic words? As in, the ones that people and God have given to you, not necessarily the ones that you give out. I think that the first one I was given was on the day of my baptism by my aunt and uncle in 19something-or-other. It was Isaiah 40:31 and I don’t think I would have recognised it as a prophetic word, because I had no idea what prophetic words were at the time. They wrote the verse in the bottom of a card. If you’ve read this post (Isaiah 40:31 Unfurled) then you’ll have an idea that I know better about that verse now…!! The next one that I remember was given to me by my super brilliant friend Sarah, it was Deuteronomy 33:25 which I am beginning to understan

Defining Words

I have rediscovered French Earl Grey Tea. I’ve had a Big Silver Canister of it in my tea cupboard for months and months untouched because I have been going through the process of changing the way I eat, and I didn’t think to try it without milk until last weekend when I made some into jubes… Dear Lord Jesus, I don’t know whether I like it better hot or in chewy gelatine form! Years ago, I would not have been able to undergo this food journey with success. I know this because I spent most of my adult life trying to change things from an understanding of myself that was not grounded in peace. It didn’t work. Everything I did was always accompanied by frustration, pain, torment. When I was suc

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